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In the pursuit of all things awesome, we’ve come across these contextual jewelry pieces that beg to be worn. We’ll call it hipsta-bling. You know, the diamond-less, cool cuts of metal with pop references thrown in for good measure. Here are links to a few of our faves:

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want! Valentines Day

Listen up fellas,

TOMORROW is Valentines day: And just like her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, and Hanukkah, tomorrow is yet another day you’re tasked with delivering that special “something” to show your lady how much you care. Now I know what your thinking… Potpourri. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! It smells good, has flowers and/or fruits, (best of all) its cheap. Right? Wrong, NEVER GIFT POTPOURRI! Take it from us, we learned that the hard way… 

For some ideas with merit, want! has you covered. Check out a few of these “most wanted” ways to say I (heart) you:

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want! Jewelry!

Whether you’re looking for costume jewelry, engagement bling, love charms, or just plain everyday fabulousness, you can probably find it on want!, thanks to our 50k+ users uploading their cool finds like crazy. Here are just a few of the goodies we found on want!

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(Click through any link to also want! it for yourself and find out where you can get spend your hard earned money to buy it.)